Silent Night (Chromatic Harmonica Tab)

Respite from coding :)

Here’s the tabs. Added lyrics for you to “hear the notes” and “keep the rythme”.

7B 7D 7B 6B 7B 7D 7B 6B

Silent Night, Holy Night

9D 9D 8D 8B 8B 7B

All is calm, All is Bright

7D 7D 8B 8D 7D 7B 7D 7B 6B

Round yon virgin, mother and child

7D 7D 8B 8D 7D 7B 7D 7B 6B

Holy Infant, so tender and mild

9D 9D 10D 9D 8D 8B 9B

Sleep in heavenly peach, ooh

8B 7B 6B 7B 6D 5D 5B

Sleep, sleep in heaven, heavenly peace

B — Blow
D — Draw (Suck in air)

Happy playing, fellow Chromatic Harmonica pals!