Programming Question: Longest Substring without Repeating Character

Question Setup

Solution Description

Behavior of the Fast Pointer

Hit Pause, Advance Slow Pointer

Code for the Brain

class Solution:
@param s: a string
@return: an integer
def lengthOfLongestSubstring(self, s):
if len(s) == 0:
return 0
maxLength = 0
charCount = [0 for _ in range(256)]
slow = 0
for fast in range(len(s)):
charCount[ord(s[fast])] += 1
if charCount[ord(s[fast])] > 1:
while slow <= fast: #think through for while loop loging using example of string "abbcd" and "babcd"
charCount[ord(s[slow])] -= 1
slow += 1
if charCount[ord(s[fast])] == 1:
else: #(B)
maxLength = max(maxLength, fast - slow + 1)

return maxLength




Writing to soothe the soul, programming to achieve flow

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Writing to soothe the soul, programming to achieve flow

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