Abridged Dart Language Tour — For the Seasoned Programmer

I learnt Dart when fiddling with Flutter projects and never had a formal introduction to the language. What I know, I saw from codes. Dart feels like a combination of many modern languages — fat arrows, async / await, Futures, from Javascript, getters / setters from Python, and OO from C++.

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Today, as I was going through the Dart language tour so as to refreshed to work on a Flutter project, I thought to summarize the lengthy page into a series of important points — all 90 of it. Credit of course goes to the wonderful and fabulous Google Dart team. But I hope the “abridged” version will be a gentler and salient introduction of the language features to new and intermediate programmers and even advance users that just want to have a quick refresher. Here we go.



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