10 Things to Know About Python Regex as An Advanced User

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1. Difference between re.search() and re.match()

2. Using capture group to match optional characters

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3. Negation of character Class to match what we don’t know we want

4. What constitutes word characters, represented by \w?

5. Non-Greedy matches (aka Lazy)

<code>Some Code</code>
Greedy vs Non-Greedy(Lazy) Regular Expression

6. Capturing group to pick what to match

Parsing and reconstituting information using Regular Expression feature of Capturing group. Variable flight_matches actually store the information as a list of tuple.
Demonstration of using capturing group to catch repeated characters.

7. Backreferencing of capturing groups

Backreferencing using group method

8. Alternation and Non-Capturing Group

9. Look around — Look ahead and Look behind

10. Yin and Yang: Negative Look arounds




Writing to soothe the soul, programming to achieve flow

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Writing to soothe the soul, programming to achieve flow

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